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Hey guys!! So I recently graduated from high school and I have gotten a lot of Supernatural stuff. I have kinda been wanting to do a give away thingy for a while now so here it goes!

• Sam, Dean and Cas funko dolls (Cas not pictured above)
• Supernatural buttons!
• Supernatural bag
• Mini impala (toy car)
• Your choice of five movies pictured above.
• your choice of Sam, Dean, or Cas cardboard cutouts! (Not pictured)

• Deans amulet! (Sorry I forgot to add this)

• every reblog will count (reblog as many times as you want!)
• you can like for reference
• must be following me juliawiinchester
• no give away blogs please :/

• 1st place winner gets everything mentioned above.
•2nd place gets the rest of the movies that the 1st place winner did not choose.

I’ll choose the winner August 24th!

I just wanna do a little nice thing for all my followers! Thanks guys!!! :)

Best of Crowley in First Born

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Did I spot jealousy here, Tom?

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